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Moving and settling in.

I've got most of my small items moved, basically as much as I could fit into my car in three trips. Planning to rent a van or truck this weekend or the next to get my big items. With two exceptions everything can be shifted by one person, though some are easier with two. The two exceptions are a black marble end table and a La-Z-Boy recliner.

The new apartment is awesome and spacious with a few quirks.

Quirk the first: The wiring. It will take me a while to get used to which switches operate which lights/sockets and I may end up making labels for them.

Quirk the second: It's on the fifth (top) floor, but the elevator only goes to the 4th floor (and the penthouse, which is not us) so I give directions within the apartment like this: Take the elevator to the fourth floor, turn left and go up the stairs until it gets dark and that's our door.

Quirk the third: The office/den. There's a small room off the living room which I think must have at one time been part of the balcony but was recently enclosed to make a small, sunny room with windows covering the three exterior walls. duaiwe and I were setting up his computer desks in there and trying to get them near level. On a whim, I put the level on the floor and discovered the floor is at a decent slope.

Quirk the fourth: My bedroom has an exterior door. Handy for getting in/out without going through the rest of the apartment, as the door leads onto a balcony that goes around to another door in the stairwell outside our front door. The quirk comes from the fact that we don't have keys to my door, and neither does the landlord. So if I go out that door, I either can't come back in that way, or can't lock it behind me.

These things aside, the living room has access to a small South-facing balcony that overlooks downtown Seattle and the Seattle Center. We have an excellent view of the Space Needle and Elliot Bay (I think). On the 4th, I stood on the balcony and watched four different fireworks displays.

We should have internet at the new place on Friday, but for now I'm using the internet at Jon's old apartment across the street from the new apartment.

If you want/need my new address, send me an email or a phone call or something.



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