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Information Frustration

I went to a chiropractor earlier this week, chosen specifically because his office is close to my apartment, and his website didn't seem as "new-agey" as the closest chiropractor (about a block closer). Monday was the new patient consultation and preliminary x-ray pictures. Tuesday was discussing the x-rays, treatment options, and a quick adjustment and massage therapy session.

Things I've learned but should not act on yet:
My left leg is 7 mm shorter than my right and has been since childhood. Up to a 5 mm difference is considered normal. Doc says I will have to wear a 3 mm lift in my left shoe from now until forever.

Because my left leg is shorter, my hips are uneven and to compensate for the difference my back muscles have been trying to pull the left side up. And in pulling the left side up, the muscles have been pulling at my spine as well, putting a curve in the lowest section of vertebrae.

I carry my weight unevenly, putting about 20 more pounds on the left leg than the right.

The curve in my low-back is followed by a compensatory curve and twist in my spine between my shoulder blades, putting my right shoulder slightly higher than my left.

I carry my head too far forward, putting additional stress on my back and straightening the natural curve in my cervical vertebra.

My back muscles are nearly constantly tensed, flexing against each other. Annoyingly this has made them strong enough to carry my weight in the bad spinal position and mask most of the symptoms.

Treatment for most of my spine includes the lift (not worn yet) and periodic adjustments and massage therapy to train the muscles to relax and shift the spine back to normal alignment.

Treatment for the cervical column will take at least a year and will include a foam wedge to lay on for a few minutes at night and a weighted headband which will force me to keep my head back or topple forward. The weighted headband treatment cannot begin until my back is no longer in pain.

So now I'm left with knowing what's wrong, and how it can be fixed, but I've been told not to adjust my daily life until the chiropractor says so, in order to determine which treatments are working.

Now that I'm conscious of it, I find it difficult to not try to maintain a better posture.

Follow up exam is scheduled for Friday.


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May. 26th, 2011 01:12 pm (UTC)
Haven't seen you post in awhile! Sorry about the health issues....
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